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Ontario NDP interview with OSEA on the future of conservation and renewable energy in Ontario

Mr. Tabuns laid out the following key points:

  • The province’s current approach places too little emphasis on efficiency and conservation
  • Nuclear power consistently goes over budget creating large cost overruns to be paid by the taxpayer or the customer. The current assumption that nuclear remains the source of half of our power needs to change.
  • The partial privatization of our electricity system has resulted in “hundreds of millions of dollars being paid to energy traders and producers who game the system.”

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OSEA Green Party interview on conservation and renewable energy

To Ontarians in general, Mike Schreiner says: “Be wary of false choices. The Progressive Conservatives want to scrap the Green Energy Act. The Liberals support corporate “big wind” projects. The Green Party want people in communities to lead the way. Develop in ways that benefit your community. Capture the benefits of clean green power in community and hybrid projects.”

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