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FACT: Green energy creates jobs for Ontarians

Because Ontario is still developing its clean energy economy, it is difficult to calculate exactly how many jobs have been created and will be created through the Green Energy Act. However, there is no question the legislation is creating jobs:

The Blue-Green Alliance has developed a map of existing and proposed jobs at the 40 new manufacturing facilities in Ontario that have been announced. This summer, ClearSky Advisors released studies estimating that by 2011, solar energy in Ontario generated two billion dollars of private sector investment and 8,200 jobs, and they estimate that solar PV energy itself is will create 70,000 jobs in Ontario by 2018.

A recent Pembina Institute analysis found that all renewable energy technology, including energy efficiency, currently generates three to 10 times the number of jobs per hour of energy generated than fossil fuels or nuclear (see table below).

TABLE: Job creation per hour of energy generation

Comparison of jobs created from various types of energy generation.

Comparison of jobs created from various types of energy generation. Source: http://www.pembina.org/pub/2178

The potential for green energy investment and manufacturing in Ontario is only growing, meaning that this is one sector that will continue to generate jobs and economic stimulus now and in the future. Cancelling our green energy program and killing these jobs would be harmful to Ontario’s economy, which is faring well in tough times thanks in large part to the Green Energy Act.

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Ontario Sustainable Energy Association calls on Ontario voters to support new jobs for the future

(Sept. 15, 2011, Toronto, ON) Responding to the growing discussion about the future of green energy in Ontario, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) today unveiled a pair of television advertisements profiling the strengths and benefits of an Ontario-made green energy economy.

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5 Reasons to Stand up for solar

1. Contribute to the Green Energy and Green Economy Act’s Targeted 50,000 New Green Jobs.
2. Establish a World-Class Solar Manufacturing Hub in Ontario.
3. Contribute to the Environmental Sustainability of Ontario’s Energy Industry.
4. Attract Billions of $ in Private-Sector Investment to Ontario’s Economy.
5. Ensure a Reliable, Secure and Affordable Energy Supply for Ontario.

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Ontario needs discussion on green energy

Ontario ratepayers deserve to know what the full costs and consequences of cancelling the Green Energy Act would be - and what other energy sources would be used to replace renewable power in this province. If cancelling the act means less clean energy, green jobs and more power from fossil fuels at a similar or higher price in the near future, it’s a bad deal for Ontarians in the long run.

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